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Text Box: Dr. E. E. “Grif” Griffith
Ph.D. Psychologist Lic. :PY0003020  -  Counseling and Education Since 1979
Dr. Grif works hard at staying up to date on all the latest treatment techniques for the most frequently presented problems. With 25 years of experience and an extensive self-help book, video and audio library, Dr. Grif helps his patients/clients get happier and healthier as fast as possible

By the book’s end you will be the one in control.  You will have some tools to base your future relationship judgments on.


The book is brief, the language is simple and best of all….it will work for you.



In this book, I will present you with a great deal of what I have learned that “works best” when it comes to helping woman help themselves in getting involved in healthier, happier relationships with men.  My knowledge and experiences comes from studying the behavioral sciences and counseling individual females and groups of females in my private practice as a psychologist.


I have teamed up with Dr. Robin Inwald the founder and director of Hilson

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Text Box: 120 SW 6th Street, Stuart, Florida 34994 (Off Colorado Ave. Near Downtown Stuart)


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