Pre-Hiring Screenings help personnel administrators:

Make better hiring decisions

Have fewer personnel problems

Utilize cost-effective, time-efficient and “legal” pre-employment tests

Defend the company against negligent hiring and/or negligent retention of High-risk employees

Pre-Employment Screening

A battery of tests is used to assess an applicant’s personality/behavioral characteristics essential to success in a specific job.  At this stage of the screening process, only ADA-approved questions can be asked of the applicant.  Typically, this level of screenings requires less administration time and less lost per applicant to the company.  It is a screening process that works well in “narrowing down” a large applicant pool as it identifies the more obvious high-risk behaviors.

Post-Conditional Job Offering Screening

This battery of tests is administered after the company has made a job offer, conditional upon passing all parts of the company’s screening procedures.  This process also assesses an applicant’s personality/behavioral characteristics, however, more personal and in-depth questions can be asked of the applicant.  Typically, this level of screening is able to more effectively identify “not-so-obvious” high-risk behaviors and “borderline” applicants.


 Note:  It is important for any company or organization to know that when pre-hiring screenings are conducted, they must follow all legislated ADA and CRA requirements.  All procedures implemented by Dr. Griffith meet all the necessary legal guidelines.

The Process/Procedures

Griffith meets with the organization’s administrative staff to develop and individualized approach to addressing the organization’s specific pre-hiring needs.


Dr. Griffith and the company’s representative's agree upon the  essential and  important  personality/behavioral characteristics vital to employee success on the job.  A test battery is identified and an agreement is made about how the test administration will occur.  (Depending on the location and other logistics, the tests can be administered at the company site or at Dr. Griffith’s office.)


The battery of tests are administered in a timely manner; usually taking one to four hours per applicant.

The test answers are mailed or faxed to Dr. Griffith’s office. At this point the answer sheets are scored and a clinical report is created.


The test results are reviewed within one business day by Dr. Griffith.  One of two results occur for each applicant screened:

 1.  A low-risk level can be determined.  A report, recommending a hiring, is produced and mailed or faxed to the organization.

 2.  A borderline or high-risk level is determined.  Further testing is deemed necessary and/or a clinical interview (one-on-one meeting of applicant with Dr. Griffith, in person or on video phone) is needed.  Upon a go-ahead signal from the company/organization, the testing arrangements are made and/or a clinical interview is conducted.  Following this additional contact, a report is produced and mailed or faxed.


Dr. Griffith is available to answer any questions about the reports and/or discuss the job applicants. 

 Billing is based upon a previously agreed upon price per applicant.  Monthly bills are mailed to the company/organization.


 Yearly follow-up research is conducted to document the effectiveness of the screening program.

Services Offered By:

Dr. E.E. "Grif" Griffith is a Licensed Psychologist who specializes in Police Psychology.  In addition to more than 30 years in Private Practice, Dr. Griffith has been providing pre-hiring screening services to Police and Sheriff’s Departments for more than 25 of those years.  He has personally screened thousands of applicants for all Law Enforcement related positions (road patrol, corrections, resource officers, crossing guards, public service aides, administrators/supervisors, dispatchers, support staff, etc.).

About  The  Testing

The latest and most valid tests are used in all circumstances.  As indicated earlier, the battery of tests are chosen by Dr. Griffith and the company/organization, based on the needs identified.  The combinations of tests are able to measure a variety of job-related characteristics.  Here is a partial list of the characteristics:




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Spending time to properly evaluate job applicants is the single best investment
 a Sheriff’s Office, Police Dept, Fire Dept or Security Company will ever make.


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* absence abuse 
* antisocial attitudes 
* assertiveness skills
* depression   
* goal orientation 

* illness concerns     

* preparation style         

* interpersonal concerns

* rigid type personality traits 

* sexual concerns                         

* spouse/mate conflicts  

* work adjustment difficulties

* trouble with the law and society

* work effort concerns                 


* achievement history                          

* anger, hostility and frustration    

* anxiety and phobias                    

* competitive spirit and drive           

* driving violations                       

* hyperactivity                                   

* initiative                                             

* job difficulties                                                

* obsessive personality traits                    

* reliability, integrity                          

* risk-taking patterns                                               

* self-worth                                                           

* social ability                                         

* treatment program attendance             

* type “A” personality traits                            


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