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Text Box: Dr. E. E. “Grif” Griffith
Ph.D. Psychologist Lic. :PY0003020  -  Counseling and Education Since 1979
Dr. Grif works hard at staying up to date on all the latest treatment techniques for the most frequently presented problems. With 25 years of experience and an extensive self-help book, video and audio library, Dr. Grif helps his patients/clients get happier and healthier as fast as possible

evaluate your past relationships and try to

understand the points I am trying to make. Upon the completion of your second reading, you’re now ready to put what you have learned into action. 


Let the Story Begin…


“Do Any of These Guys Wear White Hats”?

Once upon a time there was a King’s Princess who had grown from a pretty little girl into a beautiful mature woman.


While growing up and maturing into a beautiful Princess, the Princess learned that her father, The King, would always look out for her every best interest.


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